• Sickness and illnesses are part of contemporary lives. We are influenced by ailments that are completely unknown to all of us or that are beyond our imagination. You will find occasions once the patients do not react to probably the most advanced treatment procedure so we get nervous and unclear about our next possible step. When such situation arises, it is a good idea to contemplate what our ancestors or even the generation before us did. At one time when individuals treated their ailments with the aid of traditional medicines plus they resided a significantly healthy existence. Within the Muslim community traditional Islamic medicines are utilized greatly which are utilized to heal many different types of illnesses. For more information on bekam services in singapore, visit our website today.

    Hijama is one particular ancient treatment method that offers respite from many illnesses. It is produced from the Arabic word ‘Hajm’ which really means ‘sucking’. Within this procedure cups are applied all around the body at different points by taking out the air in the internal area of the cups to create a vacuum.

    You will find three various kinds of cupping available:

    • Dry cupping

    • Dry massage cupping

    • Wet cupping

    Hijama is a therapy that may be applied anywhere on the body especially on the website of discomfort. This takes the discomfort away. Where this therapy is applied is first shaved. This ensures a good seal using the cups and skin. Typically horns were utilized in host to cups. The current practitioners use machines, but you may still find individuals who keep to the conventional approach to therapy.

    However this therapy can’t ever be handled with a specialist who not have sufficient training in this subject. It is practiced inside a germ-free and pristine condition. The practitioners always put on mitts and make certain everything is clean and neat. All of the equipment and tools which are utilized in this therapy are totally new and individuals are suitable for single only use. Following the completing the therapy all of the equipment are discarded and discarded.

    The several types of illnesses that may be treated with this therapy are as follows:

    Constant exhaustion

    Period discomfort




    Back discomfort

    Joint disease


    Bronchial asthma


    Depression and emotional hassles



    Common cold and flu

    Skin problems

    Hair thinning

    Gynecological problems

    In addition to the treatment there is another factor that is mounted on Hijama.There is a spiritual side for this therapy also. It had been used by the Prophet (PBUH) themself. Therefore it is really a Sunnah practicing which could bring people nearer to Allah. This therapy offers energy to the body as it unlocks the meridians within your body. Want to know more about cupping singapore? Visit our website.